How to Choose a Set of Tyres to Fit Your Personality

If you're a driving enthusiast and have just bought a replacement car, then it may be time for you to fit a new set of tyres. You could simply swap out the ones that you have now, or you could look at alternatives to better fit your individual driving style. What options are available and how should you choose?

Adjusting the Type

As you like to get out into the countryside during the weekend to explore some of those roads that are off the beaten path, you may want to get a tyre that is a little more performance oriented. If you're somebody who likes to accelerate through each corner in pursuit of the next one rather than just coasting, then you may need to get a sports tyre that has been made with this in mind. These tyres are built to 'hug' the road more effectively, and this is why they tend to be more expensive than the mainstream alternative. They will last longer, given your driving style, but you can nevertheless expect them to wear down more quickly than something else, due to the amount of generated heat.

You may have to compromise here if you're working on a budget as tyres that are designed to last longer will not give you the edge in terms of performance. They will roll more as you go through a corner and will tend to lose traction, leading to an understeer or oversteer situation which, of course, you will want to avoid.

Adjusting the Size

It may be possible for you to adjust the size of the tyre for your particular car so long as it is accepted by the manufacturer. You may be able to enhance performance this way as well, especially if you get a tyre with a lower profile. This will make your car 'sit' a little closer to the ground, improving its centre of gravity and consequently its performance. However, you may notice that the speedometer is not as accurate as it used to be, and you may have to get it recalibrated. Check with your insurance company first to make sure that you do not invalidate your coverage.

Choosing Carefully

To be safe, you should always talk with a tyre expert first. Ask the technician to make recommendations when you take your vehicle into the garage. Hopefully, you will leave with a brand-new set of Pirelli, Kumho or Falken tyres or another brand you prefer that will allow you to hit the open road and enjoy every minute of it.