Tyre Upsizing and Everything You Need to Know

Gone are the days when a vehicle's performance was only measured by engine power and comfort. Given the technological advances and the need for modern drivers to enhance a vehicle's capability, tyres have come a long way to suit different driving styles and specific needs. Upsizing tyres has become a fairly common practice among car owners looking for better driving dynamics, with a lot of enthusiasts taking their cars from a dealership and straight to a tyre shop.  If you love to experiment with new tyres, going beyond the stock tyre size per your desire is one way to do so. That said, upsizing should be done the right way to guarantee your safety and that of others on the road. So, what do you stand to gain? 

Superior Look 

There is no disputing that bigger tyres will look better on many cars and are likely to enhance your vehicle's appeal. Your car will look sportier than before, given the reduced distance of the rim from the tarmac. Bigger or larger tyres also lend a beastly appearance to your vehicle, especially on a heavy-duty with good engine power. Additionally, big, well-designed glinting wheels with aggressive tread patterns will surely give your car that extra oomph it needs to stand out on the road. 

Improved Grip 

Fitting your car with wider tyres means a wider contact patch, which translates into a better grip. Since your tires are wider, more rubber from the tread is in contact with the road, your car is more planted, offering you more grip and traction. This comes in handy for car owners with more powered engines as wider tyres will help your transfer all that power onto the road. 

Better Handling 

Upgrading your tyres with larger ones not only improves performance and braking but also leads to improved handling. Tyres play an important role in retaining the centre of gravity, especially when negotiating corners at high speeds. More so, upsizing your tyres reduces braking distance and the chances of skidding, giving you much better handling. Plus, your car feels more stable.

As you would expect with most upgrades to a car, one of the first things to consider with upsizing is dealing with an expert to ensure everything is done according to the needs of your specific car and driving practices. Upsizing is a critical change, so make sure you choose a local tyre shop to help you make an informed decision.