How Often Do You Need Tyre Alignment? What You Should Know

Tyre alignment issues, if left unattended, may lead to premature wearing out of the tyres as well as the suspension system. The premature wear may also extend to the steering, leading to poor handling.

That being the case, ensuring that you take care of these issues properly and in good time becomes a priority. A pertinent question then becomes, how often should you get tyre alignment services? Here are some quick pointers.

1.      Follow Manufacturer's Recommendations

What does your auto manufacturer say about how often their specific vehicles require tyre alignment services? Before release into the market, manufacturers no doubt run tests, and invest in a lot of product research, giving them a good idea of what will work for their vehicles.

It's best practice to adhere to these recommendations strictly. This is the more reason why you should go through your vehicle handbook and keep it at hand for reference.

2.      What Does Your Mechanic Say?

The next time you are down at the auto shop or dealership, you may want to talk to your mechanic about how often your vehicle needs a tyre alignment. Before making a recommendation, the mechanic will consider the type and make of your vehicle, and ask you about the types of road you usually drive on and your general driving habits.

If you have been going to the same mechanic for a while, that's all the better. They no doubt have a better idea of what you need in terms of tyre alignment services.

3.      When Immediately Is The Only Option

More often than not, you may be forced to go outside of your set schedule and get tyre alignment services immediately. This may be the case in the face of several circumstances.

If and when you notice signs of misalignment, then that is the time to go in for tyre alignment services. You should also do the same every time you install new tires, as this will improve their longevity and prevent premature and uneven wearing out. Similarly, you should get your tyres checked out immediately if you have been involved in an accident that is likely to have affected your tyre alignment.

Never Put It Off

Whether on schedule or as a result of the highlighted circumstances that necessitate immediate action, you should never put off getting tyre alignment services. You'll be safer while out on the road, not to mention the potentially huge savings in repairs for all the issues that may arise from tyre alignment problems.