Instances When You May Need Specialised Castors Wheels

You may have faced some issues with common castor wheels, or they may not meet your needs. Maybe you need a specific feature added in, or you want them to have a particular appearance. It is possible for you to have custom-made or specialised castor wheels. Note some of the instances when you may need specialised castor wheels.

Brand Colour

Some companies may require their equipment, fixtures and fittings to be of a particular colour. Majority of commonly available castor wheels may not have this feature. You have the option of having specialised castor wheels made to your brands colour and even to have your logo printed on them! The castor-wheel-making company will just require you to give them some information that may include, the colour you want, your logo, the environment the wheels will be subjected to, etc. You will also be instructed on how to care for the castor wheels to make sure the colour does not fade quickly.

Material Component

Depending on the environment your castor wheels will be exposed to, you may need them to have various features. For example, if they will be exposed to steam, high-pressure cleaning or other corrosive environments, the castor wheels will need to be constructed using a material that will withstand this. Additionally, if the environment has hot temperatures or cold temperatures various things need to be changed. For example, in cold temperatures, special grease has to be used to prevent freezing of bearings. In hot temperatures, rubber wheels cannot be used as they will soften, and fibreglass nylon wheels will be used.

Castor Wheel Installation

In some cases, various equipment or appliances may not be available with castor wheels. You may find that if castor wheels were present, it would either make work easier or prevent damage. Such instances may include dumper bins or refrigerators. In dumper bins, rubber castor wheels can be installed to help prevent noise, and cast iron castor wheels can be installed to prevent damage of the bin. The wheels also help in easy movement.

If you happen to move large refrigerators that do not have castor wheels, you may end up damaging them. Remember you need to clean the area around the refrigerator, and having castor wheels installed will make this possible.

Castor Wheel Size Alteration

At times, you may need different sizes of castor wheels, that is, the rear side to have larger wheels than the front. If this is the case, you will require the services of a specialised castor wheel company.

These are just a few instances when you may need specialised castor wheels. If you have other needs, don't hesitate to contact a specialised castor wheel company and discuss your needs.