How you can help keep the environment green when purchasing new tyres

Tyres are important parts of any vehicle. They work together with your engine and transmission to facilitate proper movement while on the road. However, a huge debate surrounds the proper use and disposal of tyres after they're worn out (or damaged). Motorists are often encouraged to take care of their tyres, replace them only when necessary and properly dispose of them after their lifespan. These practices will help keep the environment green and minimise the harmful effects of tyres that end up in landfills. When purchasing a new set of tyres, you can play an active role in sustainability and ensuring the maximum performance of your tyres.

1. Use up all the treading to its minimal limit

One way you can minimise the harmful effects of tyre waste is by replacing your tyres only when necessary. While you may be tempted to frequently purchase new tyres, this may not be necessary if the tyres are still in good condition. Checking for quality starts with the treading. If your treading is still in good shape, you can use the tyres until they reach the minimum legal limit (1.5mm). And by cutting down on unnecessary tyre purchases, you can reduce consumption and help protect the environment.

2. Make sure your old tyres are recycled

When your tyres are finally changed, make sure they don't end up in landfills. You can accomplish this by choosing repair technicians who take old tyres for recycling. Used tyres can be recycled for many different purposes, and dumping them in landfills should be the last resort. Indeed, old tyres can be used in building construction, road construction and other economically beneficial practices.

3. Avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your tyres

When you purchase a new set of tyres, you may feel excited and ready to hit the road. New treading and proper alignment mean that your vehicle will perform much better while on the road. However, avoid being carried away and wearing out your tyres unnecessarily. This includes drifting, skidding and taking unnecessary sharp turns. Safe driving will keep your tyres in good condition for longer, thus reducing the need for unnecessary tyre purchases.

4. Purchase from a company that emphasises sustainability

Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases is key to sustainability. During tyre manufacturing, a major challenge is how more tyres can be produced without contributing to environmental degradation. You should purchase your tyres from companies that are implementing clean and sustainable processes in their overall manufacturing strategy.

For more information, contact your local tyre shop.